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Dr. Lilian Garcia, Family Medicine Physician

“I send the WIVES OF SURGEONS to her.”

Lauren K

I absolutely love Leslie and her team at IMO. I started going to IMO January of 2022 to prepare for my wedding and I have never had better skin in my life. Yes, the procedures and some products are pricey - but you’re paying for top-of-the-line service, quality, and Leslie’s expertise. She truly is gifted when it comes to skin care and making you look like your best self. I also love that Leslie is up-to-date on the latest research, injection techniques, and equipment. I cannot recommend IMO enough!!! <3

Sarah Alb

I had an amazing experience at IMO. Firstly I love the efficiency of the Practice and I loved how everything is fully automated and coordinated. I’ve been to other places that were chaotic so this was a wonderful experience.
Now on to the good part, Leslie dissolved old filler that caused a lump on my face that has been causing me so much distress. I finally feel myself again. She used a method like an artist to get my face looking symmetrical and I loved her precision and care. I barely felt pain and it was just a lovely experience. She and her staff explained everything carefully and was very detailed, I felt very comfortable.
I will definitely be going back!

Tamara Hidalgo

Thank you Leslie and your team!! Truly amazing results time and time again, I just want to commend Leslie and her team. I have been a patient for many years now and she recently gave back a piece of myself after having my last baby. I honestly feel so special every time I’m there. A lot of people tend to only give the negatives (I haven’t found one yet) but I really want to highlight the positives. Every employee I’ve interacted with has always been so welcoming and helpful. One of the many reasons I’ll follow her anywhere! You’re doing a great job as a provider and leader to your team. Your work speaks for itself. I haven't felt or looked better. Always conservative, always honest and transparent.

Sam R

Life is too short not to feel as good about yourself as IMO can make you feel! I recommend their team to everyone!
IMO became my second home before my wedding. It started with the skincare & excellent results, but I stayed because of the fantastic experience, the welcoming staff, & Leslie's unparalleled talent, kindness, honesty, & professionalism. Since I've gone to IMO, people comment on my skin at least 3x a week. (Dear reader: I’ve never had good skin. I took Accutane growing up. IMO did this. DO the skin boot camp!)
An appointment at IMO is something I look forward to as it’s seamless, automated & like escaping to a spa oasis. IMO, treats everyone like royalty every time you arrive. Leslie is an actual artist with your face, never pushing too much on you & always helping you be your best & she also helped me remove old filler that she found that had been the source of making me feel uncomfortable without realizing it. She has done an outstanding job of surrounding herself with an exceptional team. Brittany, the office manager & knower of everything, is unreal. She is not only as cool as we all aspire to be, but she is full of knowledge, answers, & accommodating with any help & changes you may need. She is the HERO.
ALSO, Amelia just joined their team & she does amazing brows, lash lifts, lips!

Monica Gonzalez

I love IMO for many reasons! The space is beautiful and clean... the team is welcoming and kind. Leslie is very professional, organized, knowledgeable, and she is honestly a true artist. I started seeing her in March of this year and from then until now... my glow up is REAL. The way she enhances your natural features is a work of art and I am just loving the results. I trust her judgment and her guidance 10000%.

Eva Blanco

Beautiful office with professional and well trained staff. Leslie is very knowledgeable in her field and takes her time to explain procedures and answer any questions I may have. I have been her patient for almost two years and have always been very pleased with my results.

Leah Larvenz

A great experience from start to finish. Leslie and her staff are extremely polite, attentive, and truly care for their patients! Will be back soon!

Courtney Murphy

I get chemical peels regularly and tried IMO and the way they handle the entire experience was ver different than I have had in the past. 10 out of 10 would recommend!
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