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Allow us to introduce our cosmetic medical practice. We are a CERTIFIED PROCEDURAL MEDICINE practice of FELLOWSHIP-TRAINED medical providers. Our founder and cosmetic provider, Leslie Rohaidy, PA-C, AAOPM is Certified in Aesthetic Procedural Medicine by the AMERICAN ACADEMY OF PROCEDURAL MEDICINE. She is an AESTHETIC DERMATOLOGY PA-C, also certified by NCCPA, with a focus on NATURAL and CONSERVATIVE, cosmetic medical treatments.

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WE ARE NOT BOTOX LADIES who do this on the side, but LICENSED MEDICAL PROVIDERS who dedicate our FULL SCOPE OF PRACTICE to the art of facial aesthetics. This is what we do, EVERY DAY, ALL DAY. We have treated thousands of patients like you with the before and after images to prove it.


Your skin has a memory. It will remind you in 10 years how you treated it today. We should all be on a skin schedule. We need to MAINTAIN our skin with medical interventions that actually work. RETINOL IS COOL, BUT BOTOX IS BETTER. Sephora is fun, but it will never achieve clinical results. Using a pricey at home "chemical peel" is not the same thing as in-office medically supervised 7-day chemical peel where your skin resurfaces, spots are lightened, and active acne fades in just one week. These SKINVESTMENTS are long-lasting results that are actually worth it. BOTOX is a pre-paid insurance policy against wrinkling for up to 3 months. There is no wrinkle cream on the planet that will guarantee that.

The world of aesthetic medicine is advancing, thriving by leaps and bounds, and growing over night but OUT-DATED medical office practices and CHEESY MED SPAS hold it back. MYSTERIOUS pricing, CHEAP chop-shop deals, lack of EDUCATIONAL content, and UNNATURAL results make the process intimidating and out of reach. There should be no such thing as a discount special when it comes to your face. Medspa DISCOUNT specials are CRINGE worthy. Safety, sterility, education, follow-up, and final result should be YOUR GUIDE when choosing a provider, NOT promotional pricing from slow low-end medical offices.


All consultations and treatments begin with a CUSTOM CONSULT where exquisite attention is paid to your individual ANATOMY. Your facial expressions will be marked , analyzed, and EXPLAINED to you whether we treat you or not. You will understand what is recommended for you in the short term and long term. We EDUCATE you on your options, product differences, treatment frequencies, and down-time.

We analyze your MUSCLE STRENGTH, facial expression, volume loss, sleeping patterns, medical and medication history. We talk about your ELIGIBILITY for certain treatments, and what are reasonable expectations. You will leave with a NO OBLIGATION- estimate of your treatment plan for present and future budgeting. Once you become an established patient of our office we keep specific up-to-date TREATMENT RECORDS available to you as PDFs any time. We take your BEFORE images and provide you with your AFTER images after EVERY SINGLE VISIT. We review these with you every time we see you and discuss your PROGRESS.

AFTER you receive treatment, you will receive in-office COUNSELING by the medical provider who treated you. You will also receive the medical provider's PERSONAL mobile number for medical emergency use. Lucky for us we don't have many medical emergencies. You will be further supported at home with detailed TREATMENT GUIDES that help you best care for your results at home. This will answer common QUESTIONS like "When can I work out?", "When can I wear make-up?", or "Can I drink alcohol or get sun?" and more.

We are fully compliant with all clinical STANDARDS of care, SAFETY, and STERILITY. We have COVID-19 protocols in place to protect all staff and patients.

We started this JOURNEY after being dissatisfied with the lack of TRANSPARENCY, HONESTY, and HUMAN touch in aesthetics. It’s time for HONEST aesthetics that relates to you and the way you want to be treated, LITERALLY. This is long term relationship with an aesthetic medical practice you will grow to love and trust.

“Results should be natural, subtle, and conservative"
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