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Laser Facial

What is a laser Facial?

Clear + Brilliant® Facial Laser is a gentle non-invasive laser procedure which improves fine lines, skin tone, minimizes the appearance of pigment, and boosts collagen production. It is FDA approved to decrease pore size and increase dermal skin care absorption by 17x!

Clear + Brilliant® works by creating hundreds of thousands of microscopic treatment zones in the upper layers of the skin, which replaces damaged skin with healthy looking tissue and yields younger-looking and fresh skin.

Additional medical grade prescription products are worked into the face post-treatment to further enhance the Clear and Brilliant Laser benefits!

What to expect from Clear & Brilliant?

Set aside one hour for in-office anesthesia/numbing. After one hour we will escort you to a washroom to wash off the anesthesia with our VI Aloe cleanser and then you will be ready to begin treatment!

What is the
down time?

You may experience up to 7 - 10 days of facial redness, resurfacing, and sandpaper feel to touch. Next day makeup and exercise approved.

What to expect 
post treatment?

Warm sensations after treatment. Post-treatment redness, darkening, and blotchiness is normal and temporary. Skin may develop a “sandpaper” texture. Leave on the prescription skincare that was massaged onto your face for the rest of the day. Refrain from washing your face until the next morning after treatment.

24 Hours After Treatment

Do NOT wash your face the night of your treatment. Wash your face the next day with VI Aloe gentle cleanser.

Do NOT expose yourself to direct sunlight. Indirect sunlight exposure is OK. You can receive direct sun exposure 14 days after your treatment.

To minimize swelling, you can apply cold compresses or take a non-drowsy over the counter antihistamine like Zyrtec.

Do NOT apply make-up or skincare the day/night of your treatment.

Next day makeup/ SPF is OK.

Do NOT exercise the day of your treatment. Next day exercise is OK.​

Keep the area clean on the same day of your treatment by avoiding exercise, intimate contact, sleeping with pets in the bed, touching the area with dirty fingertips, mobile phones,

or makeup applicators.​

Days After Your Treatment

Dryness, peeling, inflammation, and a long-lasting sandpaper feel to-touch is normal. Continue daily use of SPF. For three days after your treatment avoid retinoic serums, and AHA/BHA acids. Keep the skin moisturized with a thin layer of a gentle unscented moisturizer. Seal any bare/raw areas of the skin with a thin layer of aquaphor - do not use in replacement of a gentle moisturizer.


$850 - 1 session*
$2,100 - 3 sessions*
*Must be used within 6 months of purchase


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