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What are Fillers?

There are different fillers in the cosmetic marketplace. They differ by what they are made of and how long they last. Hyaluronic acid filler [HA] is completely reversible unlike other non-hyaluronic acid fillers that can last up to 5 years or more. We only use [HA] fillers in our offices.

Is filler natural?

Hyaluronic acid is a natural sugar made daily by our bodies which attracts 1000x its weight in water. It’s a big hydrator. It cushions our joints, keeps the bounce in our skin, and plays a big role in wound healing and repair. Every day we lose [HA] through basic metabolic processes, and as we age, we lose even more because we make even less!

The hyaluronic acid in filler mimics your body’s own natural [HA] and integrates beautifully into your tissue.

When will I see results?

Fillers deliver immediate lifting, plumping and contouring that can last up to a year. This is not silicone or anything close to it.  [HA] is reversible – in office immediately or weeks to months after your initial visit. We naturally metabolize filler over time. [HA] is digested by the body similarly to the way you would digest any other medication.

I'm scared of looking like a cat lady.

Blame invasive surgical work for the cat ladies you’ve seen walking around. Each syringe is about 1/5 of a teaspoon of volume which allows for natural placement. We use prescription strength numbing and we can use needless techniques i.e. cannulas to deliver gorgeous, safer more comfortable outcomes. Let’s focus on our smile, not our smile lines Let’s refresh our under-eye area to look as if we just took a long nap. How about cheek and jawline contour that doesn’t wash away?

What to expect.

Set aside about one – two hours. We use cannulas, not needles mostly, which decrease your chance of bruising (although bruising is always possible). Prescription anesthesia applied in office makes the treatments comfortable. Mild swelling is possible should go down in 24-48 hours.

Follow-up Visit

Plan to see us again 2 weeks after your first treatment to ensure appropriate healing. Your after photos will also be taken at this appointment and analyzed in detail with you. You will get to keep these photos. This visit is a complementary visit scheduled at the time of your treatment.

How long will results last?

This depends on the area treated. Areas of high expression like your smile lines and lips are constantly moving and may last less. Areas of little movement like your under eye hollows can last well over a year. Your in-person consultation will also help estimate the longevity of your treatment. For example, there are certain medications that speed up your metabolism which may impact how long your treatment lasts. Persons with slower metabolisms, chronic medical conditions, or obese persons may hold on to their treatments longer.


Avoid facials with manual massage, radiofrequency, micro-current, light therapy,  laser therapy​ for 24 hours.

Avoid extremes of temperature (sauna/steam room) 24 hours after.

Avoid vigorous exercise for 24 hours.

Taking Bromelain (pineapple enzyme), avoiding alcohol, avoiding smoking, avoiding NSAIDS (Advil, Aleve, Aspirin) and avoiding blood thinners (fish oil, flax seed oil, vitamin E, turmeric) will decrease your risk of bruising.

This treatment is NOT recommended for pregnant/breastfeeding women.

Do not stop any medically necessary medications.


airbrush technique || $900
A little sprinkle everywhere as a touch-up once you've built a strong foundation
Signature natural lips || $850
our conservative expert approach to a naturally fuller lip for the elegant person
Ear Lobe || $850
Fix damaged, ripped, or torn earlobes by adding volume support to the ear lobes
Undereye Hollows || $900
focus on a bright eye instead of dark circles and under eye bags
Smile Lines || $850
let’s focus on the smile and not the heavy smile line
Soft Cheek Enhancement || $850
for increased bounciness and correction of mid-face volume loss and sagging
Jawline Definition || $850
build a stronger support system for a lower face which may be sagging and weak
Neck or Hand Rejuvenation (Per Hand) || $850
did you know the neck and hands show the first signs of aging?
Chin Balancing or Chin Crease Correction || $850
to add a feminine touch to the face and add structure to the lower face
Temple Filler || $900
the face will gradually lose fat and tissue volume as you age. Sunken temples can show early signs of aging by affecting the overall structure of the face
Lower Face Symmetry
Support || $850

accentuate the lower face with more defined structure and symmetry creating a tasteful and conservative look
Filler Dissolving || $350
we prioritize patient satisfaction. Unhappy with prior cosmetic work? We have the solution!


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