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Tackle dark spots without the prescription. Target, correct and brighten frustrating skin discoloration with VI Derm Dark Spot Lifting Serum with 5% Tranexamic Acid. Our exclusive TRI-ER8ASE™ Acid Complex effectively lifts existing pigment, such as sun damage, and helps fight future pigment for a brighter, more visibly luminous complexion.

  • Tranexamic Acid works to correct existing dark spots
  • Kojic Acid works to suppress future pigment from forming
  • Lactic Acid gently hydrates, resurfaces, and exfoliates skin

VI Dark Spot Lifting Serum 5% Tranexamic Acid

  • 5% Tranexamic Acid

    A potent acid that helps correct existing dark spots and sun damage.


    Kojic Acid

    Suppresses excess melanin production to prevent future dark spots.


    Lactic Acid

    An AHA that gently exfoliates and resurfaces skin to help other pigment-fighting ingredients penetrate deeper.



    Hydrates, protects skin barrier, and fades discoloration from the skin.

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