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Dr. Lilian Garcia, Family Medicine Physician

“I send the WIVES OF SURGEONS to her.”

Louis Frisina, Founder of Restylane

“I’ve been in the aesthetics industry for over 30 YEARS, involved in Best Practice and Best Provider advisory services to plastic surgeons, dermatologists and medspas. I’ve visited over 2000 aesthetic medical practices worldwide, in part due to BRINGING GAME-CHANGING RESTYLANE to the US in early 2000. In my experience of working with hundreds of aesthetic providers, it is rare for me to meet and to learn from another aesthetic provider at this stage in my career. Leslie Rohaidy is that rare individual. She has equipped herself through her extensive training with Best Provider capabilities and technique to bring optimum clinical aesthetic results to her patients. She has the “aesthetic eye”, a combination of technical skills combined with the artistry to make every patient’s experience unique and customized. She clearly understands and embraced the new wave of aesthetic patients, be they millennials and/or GenZ, while respecting and differentiating those from the mainstream aging clientele. She has an out of the box sixth sense as importantly in terms of communicating, educating and marketing to the diverse aesthetic population in the greater Miami market. She’s demonstrated to me an intuitive sense of business, including her detailed business projections and associated expenses required to operate and manage a sustainable aesthetic business. I am honored to be a part of her inner business advisory council and helping to support her vision and operations in our ever-changing aesthetic market.”

Courtney Simpson, Luxury Real Estate Agent

“Thank you for making me feel so comfortable and welcomed as a patient. You’re a true professional!” 

Stephanie Villegas, Digital Media Influencer

“Leslie is amazing! I woke up barely swollen and almost no bruises on my lips. I look incredibly natural. Everything looks so perfect. Thank you for checking on me and for being so detailed with your work. You helped me understand what was best for me.”  

Dr. Narendra Kini, CEO of Niklaus Health System 

“I first met her 7 years ago as she was embarking on her journey to medical school. Possessed of ambition and a clear way forward, I was struck by her determination and initiative. As I got to know her, it became obvious that she was also a very kind and person who was more concerned about the other than self. She is at once a mix of spouse, entrepreneur, and community citizen. I think anyone will find her reliable, courteous, and caring. It is not easy to find these qualities today. I am most happy to provide my highest reference”.

Camilla Moller, Account Executive

“As a skin treatment virgin, I was nervous about getting any Botox or fillers on my face. I didn’t know exactly what to expect. Thankfully, I found Leslie, who held my hand through the process, giving me detailed explanations every step of the way. She gentle, thorough, and painless. I couldn’t be happier with the “natural” outcome I was looking for.
Leslie, you “own my face!”

Marie Manolo, Digital Media Influencer and Creator of The Mother Manifestor

“I’ve always been hesitant to start this process and am so happy I found Leslie. She is so gentle and explained everything thoroughly to me so that I was at ease. She is so professional and takes great pride in her work. I’m so happy with my results—I won’t go to anyone but her.”

Sari Sosa, Luxury Event Planner

“As a former pharmaceutical rep, I could visit any office. However, I chose to go to her, every time. She is honest, gentle, kind, and has a keen eye for natural results. I refer everyone to her.”

Dr. Norine Rosado, Rethink Laser Center

“An amazing aesthetician who I would trust with my face implicitly.

Brittney Irwin, ARNP

“As a health care provider and fellow injector, I don’t trust just anyone with my face. Leslie was so professional, and she has a BEAUTIFUL TECHNIQUE. I’m so glad I found someone I can trust to give a natural result.”
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